22 примера сложносочиненных предложений с соединительными союзами

Сложносочиненные предложения — это грамматические конструкции, которые содержат два или более союзных слов, соединяющих два или более простых предложения. Для образования сложносочиненных предложений в английском языке можно использовать различные соединительные союзы. Ниже представлены 22 примера сложносочиненных предложений с соединительными союзами.

  • And: I like to read books and watch movies.
  • But: She wants to go to the beach, but I prefer the mountains.
  • Or: You can choose between tea or coffee.
  • Yet: He studied really hard for the exam, yet he didn’t get a good grade.
  • So: It was raining, so we decided to stay at home.
  • Nor: I don’t like ice cream, nor do I like cake.
  • As well as: He can speak French as well as German.
  • Either…or: You can either go to the party, or stay at home.
  • Neither…nor: Neither the teacher nor the students knew the answer.
  • Not only…but also: She is not only beautiful, but also smart.
  • Both…and: She is both a singer and an actress.
  • Although: Although it was cold, she didn’t wear a coat.
  • Despite: Despite the rain, we went for a walk.
  • In spite of: In spite of the traffic, we arrived on time.
  • Even though: Even though he was tired, he continued to work.
  • While: While I was cooking dinner, she was watching TV.
  • Due to: The flight was delayed due to bad weather.
  • Because of: She couldn’t come because of her work.
  • Since: Since it was her birthday, we had a party.
  • As: She was singing as she walked down the street.
  • Just as: Just as I arrived, the train left.
  • So that: He studied hard so that he could pass the exam.

Каждый из этих союзов имеет свой собственный смысл и используется в различных ситуациях. Использование сложносочиненных предложений может помочь сделать вашу речь более интересной и эффективной.

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